Pax Naturals Ortho Spray - Pain Relief Spray For joint & Muscle Pain, 100 ml

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DESCRIPTION:- Buy Ayurvedic Pain Relief Spray Online - Pax Natural Ortho Spray is the best ayurvedic pain relief spray that helps in reducing pain from muscles and joints. It consists...
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Buy Ayurvedic Pain Relief Spray Online - Pax Natural Ortho Spray is the best ayurvedic pain relief spray that helps in reducing pain from muscles and joints. It consists of best herbal ayurvedic ingredients that are well known for providing the relief from following problems.

  • Improves strength of the muscles, bones and joints
  • Helps in Treating Osteoarthritis
  • Remove Sprains
  • It also removes Muscular aches
  • You can also get rid of Muscle spasm
  • Helps in providing relief from Muscle stiffness
  • Treat Joint pain problems
  • Provide relief from Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Also treat Lower back pain problems.


  • Mahanarayan tail 30 %  + Mahavishgarbha tail 10% + Mahamasha tail 10%  + Nirgundi oil 5 % + Linseed oil 10 %  + Nilgiri oil 10 %  + Cinnamon oil 5 %  + Camphor oil 5%  + Gandhpurna oil 10%  + Garlic oil 2.5 %  + Malkangani oil 2.5%

Important Information Regarding Ingredients
Mahanarayan Oil:-

  • Ayurvedic cured oil arranged utilizing sesame oil as a base and handled in a few therapeutic herbs that improves quality of the muscles, bones and joints. It has relieving impact and lessens joint irritation.
  • It is powerful solution for a wide range of ligament issue particularly for osteoarthritis. Its inward use gives moment help from the knee torment. Its outer use decreases joint irritation and muscle exhaustion.

Mahavisha Garbha Tail:-

  • This traditional Ayurvedic Tail follows up on giving the help from the neuro solid framework and is mitigating.
  • Mahavisha Garbha Tail is fundamentally use in treating condition, for example, sciatica and firmness of back muscle.
  • It is utilized for nearby application on excruciating joints, irritations, solid agony and so on. It is a narcotic and gives help in torment. The base oil is Sesame oil.

Mahamash Tail (Oil):-

  • Is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicated oil. Mash or Urad (split black lentils) are the main ingredients, along with Til Tel(Sesame oil), Dashmool, Ashwagandha, Kachur, Bala mool, Jivniya Gana and Others and hence it is named Mahamash oil.
  • For vasti the oil is used internally, externally.


  • A five-leaved modest tree, is a strong ayurvedic plant, that has important helpful properties and recuperates a few illnesses including asthma, muscle fits and nervousness.

Linseed oil:-

  • Extricated from flax seed, is one of the most valuable normal oils. Linseed oil helps in decreasing aggravation.

More Information on Other Ingredients

 Nilgiri oil:-
  • It is accessible as a basic oil that is utilized as a medication to treat an assortment of regular infections and conditions including nasal blockage, asthma, and as a tick repellant.
  • Likewise be applied to the skin as a solution for medical issues, for example, joint pain and skin ulcers.

Cinnamon  Oil:-

      It is presumed to quiet dry skin, adequately lighten throbs, agonies, and firmness in the muscles and joints, address skin inflammation, rashes, and diseases, upgrade dissemination, sustain the skin, slow the appearance of maturing, and resuscitate the skin tone.

  1. Camphor Oil relieve aggravation, sprains, and strong a throbbing painfulness.
  2. With hostile to bacterial and against parasitic properties, Camphor Oil is likewise known to help secure against infectious infections.

Gandhpurna Oil:-

  1. Gandhpurna oil or Wintergreen oil is utilized for throbbing joints in ailment, sore muscles and lower back torment.
  2. It is utilized for excruciating conditions including cerebral pain, nerve torment (especially sciatica), joint pain. Wintergreen oil is applied to the skin as a "counterirritant" to calm muscle torment.
  3. Wintergreen leaf contains a headache medicine like substance that may decrease torment, expanding, and fever.


  1. Garlic is a herb otherwise called Lasun. It contains diallyl disulfide, a calming exacerbate that constrains the impacts of expert incendiary cytokines.
  2. In this way, garliccan help battle aggravation and may even assistance forestall ligament harm from joint pain.

Malkangni oil:-

  1. Malkangni has invigorating impact on neuromuscular framework. Regular useof the oil removes scars and departs the skin normally smooth, solid, brilliant and youthful.
  2. It is useful in neurological illnesses and agony issue including muscle cramps, spinal pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, facial loss of motion and loss of motion.

Manufacturer - Mac Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Address - Plot No. 37, HSIIDC, Alipur, Barwala-134118

Net Weight - 100ml

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Pax Naturals Ortho Spray - Pain Relief Spray For joint & Muscle Pain, 100 ml
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