Buy Milk Thistle Capsules in India

Buy Milk Thistle Capsules in India – This is a flowering herb that originated in Southern Europe. However now, you can find it all across the world. Also renowned as the Saint Mary’s thistle, it is a very beneficial plant. The active ingredient present in the plant is Silymarin. Its extract is a safe solution to several serious health problems. In this blog, we are going to list the Top Milk Thistle tablet brands in India


Top Milk Thistle Supplements in India

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The product got its name from the milky extract coming out from the plant’s leaves. It is used for the treatment of serious health issues like liver diseases, cancers, etc. You’ll find hundreds of its supplements in the market. However, it is you who has to go for the best. Thus, to help you with the same, we are listing for you the leading Silybum marianum tablets in India.  

Benefits of A Mary thistle

Mary thistle is a beautiful plant with various health benefits. The plant is also eaten raw or as per one’s taste. Read below the health benefits of Mary thistle:

  • Guards your liver – Silybum marianum is one of the top plant-derived extracts beneficial for your liver. It protects your liver against harmful toxins, alcohol damages, inflammation, hepatitis, liver cancer, etc.
  • Strengthen your bones – It makes your bones stronger. Silybum marianum stimulates bone mineralization and protects you from osteoporosis and bone loss. 
  • Beneficial to your brain – It is a natural remedy against several neurological problems. Consumption of Silybum marianum enables you to fight Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain-related issues.  
  • Helps in maintaining a normal blood-sugar level – Silybum marianum is of great help while managing type 2 diabetes. Experts suggest that the intake of Mary thistle helps in improving insulin sensitivity and reduces your blood sugar level. 
  • Makes you get rid of acne – Mary thistle is blessed with useful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it provides you resistance against acne, scars, and other skin problems. 

List of The Top Milk Thistle tablets in India 2021

Here are we listing before you the best 7 Mary thistle tablets in India:

1. Buy Pax Naturals Milk Thistle Capsules in India

Silybum marianum by the Pax Naturals is full of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties. It is an excellent product used for the treatment of liver inflammations, fatty liver, etc. Besides this, it reduces your cholesterol and boosts your immune system. Also, you remain safe from chronic hepatitis and the hazardous effects of drugs.

Price (60 tablets, 600 mg) – 340 Rs

best Silybum marianum tablets

2. 1mg Milk Thistle Capsule

It is made making use of the Silybum marianum extract, dandelion leaf, and ginger extracts. These Silybum marianum capsules help in liver detoxification, reduction of liver inflammation, etc. Besides improving your liver health, it’s anti-inflammatory properties gifts you healthier skin.

Price (60 tablets)– 423 Rs

leading Silybum marianum products

3. Natureal Milk Thistle Extract

This Silybum marianum extract’s anti-oxidant properties safeguards you against various skin problems. Moreover, it makes your immune system stronger. Not only it protects your liver but also boosts your bone strength. Also, it is a naturally safe product that helps you in weight management.

Price (60 tablets, 800 mg) – 464 Rs

Silybum marianum tablets

4. Carbamide Forde Milk Thistle Extract

It is made up using Silybum marianum extracts, dandelion, amino acids, natural extracts, and multivitamins. This Silybum marianum extracts free your body of harmful toxins. Plus, it also helps you manage your stress. Also, Carbamide Forde’s Silybum marianum keeps your gall bladder healthy.

5. GNC Herbal Plus Mary thistle

Made up of Silybum marianum extract, cellulose, and magnesium stearate, this is used for the treatment of acne. Moreover, it is really good for lactating mothers as it promotes the production of breast milk. And, it helps you remain safe against brain-related problems.

6. Wow Life Science Milk Thistle

These natural Silybum marianum capsules are rich in Silymarin. Wow Life Science’ s Silybum marianum helps in regulation of cholesterol, manage diabetes and detoxification of toxins. Not only it promotes your skin health, but it also helps you reduce weight.

7. Inlife Milk Thistle Capsules

It helps you get rid of various liver problems at a faster rate. Moreover, these Silybum marianum capsules keep your liver healthy. Also, it maintains your blood sugar level and boosts your brain length. This Silybum marianum capsules improve your immune system and keep your bone strong.


In the end, we recommend you to consult your health expert before consumption of these milk thistle tablets & capsules. Also, Mary thistle extracts may lead to Allergic reactions, Diarrhea, Gas, and Indigestion. Small children, pregnant women, people allergic to plant-derived products must always consult a health expert before making use of the Silybum marianum products. 

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