How To Use Giloy Capsules

How To Use Giloy Capsules- Being known as Amrita, Giloy is the best immunity-boosting herb. Its leaves are just a copy of betel leaves being of heart shape. Giloy also helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. Not only this it is the best herb for weight management as well. Giloy also helps in improving metabolism. It also helps in managing the fevers because of its antipyretic activity.


It helps in recovering from dengue fever as it increases the platelet count. Giloy in any form serves best for the treatment of skin problems and also helps in detoxifying the body. It is also best at the wound-healing process as it helps in skin regeneration by increasing collagen production.

Giloy comes in three forms: giloy capsules, giloy powder, and giloy kadha/tea.

Now you may be confused about the best form to take, right? All the forms of Giloy are easily available in the market. All are equally effective but if we talk about the best way of consuming Giloy is by taking it in form of capsules. As when you take Giloy in form of capsules:

  • You can easily remember the dose
  • You take the appropriate amount of dose
  • Easy to consume than tea and powder

 How To Use Giloy Capsules

Giloy capsules have vast uses. It can be used in the cure of various diseases. Some of the uses of Giloy capsules are:


Giloy is the best herb for treating dengue fever. It helps in boosting immunity as well because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties. Giloy helps in managing dengue fever as it helps in increasing the platelet count. 


Giloy also helps in fighting against the body’s infections and hence builds a better immunity system. It helps in reducing the fever because of its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It also helps in early recovery by enhancing the activity of the macrophages. 

 Hay fever 

Giloy helps in recovering from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, the second name of hay fever. It helps in fighting against infection by increasing the count of leukocytes or white blood cells. It helps in treating the symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal itching, and obstruction.


Treatment of diabetes

Giloy helps in maintaining the blood glucose levels and hence best in the treatment of diabetes. Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in managing the complications of diabetes such as ulcers, wounds, kidney damage, etc.


Liver diseases

Giloy product Guduchi Satwa can help in managing the liver injury caused by high alcohol dosage. In the liver, it helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level. It enhances liver function by improving the anti-oxidant enzyme level and oxidative stress markers.

 Cancer treatment 

Because of the anti-proliferative property giloy serves best in managing breast cancer. Giloy restrains the cell proliferation and growth of cancer cells because of rutin and quercetin it contains and has anti-cancer property. In breast cancer cells it helps in changing the expression of apoptotic genes and promotes cell death in cancerous cells.

 High cholesterol 

Giloy capsules improve the metabolism and hence help in controlling the high cholesterol level in the body. It does so by removing the toxins that are responsible for the high cholesterol in the body. This is because of the appetizing, digesting, and rejuvenating properties of the giloy.

 Rheumatoid arthritis 

Giloy helps in controlling arthritis pain and inflammation. It stops the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and hence helps in reducing arthritis inflammation. When the body’s immune system attacks the body it is known as auto-immune disease and taking giloy in this can resul6t in over-stimulation of the immune system. 

Side effects of Giloy 

Being ayurvedic does not mean that Giloy does not possess any side effects whereas it must be taken under the prescription of any doctor. Giloy must be avoided in pregnancy as it possesses anti-fertility and anti-implantation properties.

 If you are a diabetic patient and taking anti-diabetic drugs then keep check ob blood sugar levels regularly if taking giloy capsules. Giloy can also prove allergic to you hence consult the doctor before taking giloy capsules.

 Also for breastfeeding effects, Giloy must be avoided and must be taken under the guidance of a doctor as it can have harmful effects on the baby. Giloy capsules are best for losing weight as well as it helps in reducing the cravings and enhances the process of metabolism. Hence Giloy has a lot of uses and benefits if consumed properly.

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