Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth-  Hairs are regarded as the flaunting weapons of women. Women love to style their hairs depending upon the event they attend and the outfit they wear. Hence it is important to give them attention as well. As what they need is good care and pampering from you.

Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth

It’s only hairs that complete our look. In today’s era of fashion, we undergo various fashion treatments to give our hairs a pretty fashionable look. But at the same time, we ignore the harsh effects and consequences that our hairs can experience due to these fashionable attempts.

Using chemicals on hairs can affect the growth of your hairs and will make them more fragile. Hence there is a need to make attempts for having a healthy growth of hair. Onion is regarded as hair’s best friend. Not only this onion oil is the most effective oil that boosts hair growth.

The reason behind Hair fall 

Every woman is tired of counting the amount of hair falls their hairs experience. Hairfall also give a rise to many scalp problems such as baldness, dandruff, thinning of hairs, and greying.

We are exposed to pollution every day that damages our hairs. No matter we protect them by wearing caps and masks but they still experience damage to some extent. Continuous exposure to pollution can make your hair strands weak and will take away the shine of your hair.

Not only pollution but hard water can also be one of the main causes of hair loss and damage. Hard and polluted water can make your hairs weak and lifeless. Not only this hard water stripe off the natural oils from the hairs hence making them more brittle.

Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Pollution cannot be removed from the earth but you can protect your hair well for ensuring its healthy growth. Hence onion oil can serve best for the purpose of having healthy growth of hairs and avoiding hair fall. Onion oil is one of the best ayurvedic hairs for hair treatment. Some of the benefits that onion oil does to our hairs are:

Enhances hair growth

Being rich in antioxidants, onion oil helps in optimizing the growth cycle of hair and also helps in preventing hair fall by boosting the functions of certain enzymes.

Treating baldness

Onion oil is best at stimulating the growth of the hairs. Hence it can also help in treating baldness if used regularly.

Prevents Hair Problems

Onion oil also helps in preventing breakage, thinning of hairs, and split ends as it has good sulfur content. It prevents the oxidation of hair due to the nutrients it contains. Onion oil is best at avoiding the risk of premature greying and maintain the pH of the hair.

Hair nourishment

Onion oil helps in nourishing your hair well. Being rich in sulfur also helps in maintaining the quality of hair follicles. It ensures stronger and thicker hair growth by nourishing the scalp and improving blood circulation.

Preventing dandruff

Pampering your crown area regularly with onion oil can prevent dandruff and bacterial infections and promotes hair growth in the crown area.

Increasing length 

Onion oil can also help in increasing the hair length. It can help in making your hair stronger, healthier and boosts hair growth as well.

Adds shiny texture

To increase the benefits of onion oil, try mixing it with any carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil to gain the best results. It also helps in making your hairs shinier and healthy.

Acts as Conditioner

Onion oil can also help in the conditioning of the hairs. You can use the onion oil before shampooing your hair that will act as a conditioner and will control frizz and dryness.

How to use onion oil?

You can use onion oil directly on your hair to gain benefits. For treating baldness, take few Drops of onion oil and then leave it for 15-20 minutes after massaging it into your scalp. Now rinse your hair with a natural shampoo. Try doing this thrice a week for better results.

You can also avail better results by mixing the onion oil with any carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. After mixing the oil and the carrier oil, apply the mixture on your scalp and length by massaging. Leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning well with organic shampoo. It will act as a conditioner, making your hair stronger and boosting its growth.

“Healthy and strong hair is no more a wish” as onion oil is here to serve you its benefits and help you in maintaining healthy, strong, and lengthy hair.

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