Top Benefits Of Amla Juice

Top Benefits of Amla Juice  Amla juice is often called the juice of immortality due to the many rich benefits it offers to improve the health of a human. Drinking amla juice on regular basis enhances the beauty of the skin, increases immunity, offers strength to the bones and aids in weight loss. These are just some of the Top Benefits of Amla Juice. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a powerhouse of antioxidants and enriching nutrients. This green colored fruit contains more Vitamin C than an orange. Elders in Indian families stress a lot about including amla fruit in any form in our diet.  Amla is mostly consumed in form of pickles, jam, candies, etc. But one of the most effective ways of consuming amla fruit is to drink the juice of amla.

What are amla juice benefits? From the pulp to the seed, Amla fruit is packed with goodness that makes it useful in providing nourishment as well as offering support to skincare. Further, drinking Amla Juice offers benefits to hair, make skin more clear and sharp eyesight. Amla fruit is really a treasure of health benefits. It has been an important part of the Ayurvedic diet chart and herbal way of living. Amla is also considered to be a traditional medicine as it improves the overall health and wellness of an individual.

List of top benefits of Amla Juice

Some of the active ingredients of Amla juice that make it such a success for achieving a healthy system are Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Carotene, Gallic acid, Ellagic acid, Ca, Fe, P, and fiber. Amla fruit has culinary importance in addition to the medicinal application. Amla possesses five of the six healing tastes as per Ayurveda which is bitter, sour, sweet, pungent, and astringent.  It is cultivated largely in India and has a botanical name is Phyllanthusemblica. Check out the top health benefits of amla juice.

Support to liver

The liver must remain in good health for proper functioning to remove the harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. Amla juice aids in improving the liver functioning and protect it from various infections and detoxify the systemic circulation. The antioxidants and polyphenols in Amla help to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals and combat the damage caused by free radicals. These actions of Amla juice keeps the liver healthy and the rest of the body fit.

As Immunity Booster

Amla juice contains the richness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, polyphenols, flavonoids, and most importantly the antioxidants. These constituents make Amla juice to be efficient immunity booster. Regular intake of amla juice also promotes the increased production of white blood cells. The increased concentration of WBCs (white blood cells) is possible only due to the potent anti-bacterial element present within amla fruit.

Keeps the proper functioning of the heart

Drinking Amla juice is found to have cardioprotective action that can help to strengthen the heart muscles and making the heart to pump blood easily by improving its pumping capacity. Amla juice consumption is also proven to be a remedy for various cardiac problems. As Amla is rich in iron content, hemoglobin production is also increased, making sure an adequate amount of oxygen is being transported to the organs. Amla juice also has the potential to lower the blood pressure level. Potassium present in this drink reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it reduces the blood pressure in capillaries and arteries. Chronic illness like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and angina is prevented to some extent with daily use of amla juice.

Improves Eyesight

Amla fruit is rich in nutritional value. Regular drinking Amla juice helps to maintain retinal cells and promotion of healthy capillaries inside the eyeball. Vitamin A in amla juice combats near-sightedness, cataract, and vision-related defects. Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals and strengthen the eye muscles further it regulates the i.o.t (intraocular tension) and reduces itchiness in the eyes. Amla juice intake is also beneficial to reduce the intensity of conditions like red eyes and watery eyes. Macular degeneration is kept at bay due to the antioxidants in amla juice.

Improves the menstrual health of women

Intake of amla juice is found to give relief to women with menstrual cramps. It is a natural remedy for regulating menstrual cycles and treating PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome). This flushes the toxins out from the system and keeps the reproductive organs healthy. It is also effective in treating hormonal imbalance and improving fertility within women. The consumption of amla juice is advised to women as it offers relief from menstrual cramps due to the presence of storehouse capacity vitamins and minerals. Women can carry normal activities without undergoing any further pain.

Easier weight management

Amla juice has a high concentration of fiber. This makes it ideal for weight loss as when the fiber is consumed, an extra amount of energy is needed to work for digestion. The body spends more calories to digest the fiber-filled edibles. This, in turn, leads to a healthy metabolism with more fat-burning capabilities.

Amla juice also promotes the levels of protein synthesis, which helps to burn unwanted fat. Amla also creates a positive nitrogen balance within the system, reducing the cholesterol levels. It prevents fat deposition by improving and promoting healthy digestion and metabolism. The toxins are regularly eliminated from the body, leading to a lower accumulation of fat in tissues.

Thus, amla juice tackles the problem of obesity and helps in weight management programs.


Amlafruit  (Indian gooseberry) is part of a healthy diet from the period when Ayurveda was introduced to the people. The easiest form to consume the benefits of amla fruit is to drink a glass of amlajuice, that can help with surplus benefits on health.



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