Top Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer

Top Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer- Your hands are the gateway for the germs. Most of the harmful microorganisms and germ particles spread mainly through hands. Touching the contaminated objects, surfaces with bare hands can cause serious health-related problems. Moreover, it puts everyone you come in contact with at great risk. Hand hygiene plays a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this blog, you’ll read about the Top Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer.


Top Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizers are available in the form of liquids, gels, and foam. Their main use is to make your hands get rid of all the germs and toxicants present on your hand. This hand hygiene product is an excellent alternative to hand washes and soap. Also, they can kill the germs more effectively and at a faster speed. Nowadays, the hand sanitizer manufacturing companies manufacture hand sanitizers that have both disinfecting and moisturizing properties. Reading below you’ll come to know why one should make use of a hand sanitizer.

Have a look at some of the main advantages of using a hand sanitizer:

Helps Maintain Hand Hygiene

According to health experts, a hand sanitizer can kill hazardous viruses and bacteria present on your hand better than soap. Plus, using soap may prove to be harsh on your hand skin. On the other hand, sanitizers contain pleasant fragrance and moisturizing properties that are good for the same. The hand sanitizer manufacturers claim that sanitizing your hands with a hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of the total germs present on them. 

A Portable Germ Killer

You can carry a hand sanitizer where ever you go! Moreover, you can buy a pocket-sized hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands anytime. This is the main reason why quality hand sanitizers are experiencing huge demand in today’s world. A hand sanitizer should be a must carry the thing in your handbags, purses, school bags, etc. You can come in contact with germs anytime anywhere. Thus, having a hand sanitizer along with you allows you to get rid of those germs instantly.

Rapid Action on Germs

Hand sanitizer comprises of some extremely powerful disinfecting substances. It is often said that using a hand sanitizer for 20 seconds kills more germs than 2 minutes of washing hands using soap. Hand sanitizers having a concentration of 60% or above alcohol are effective in removing all the germs, bacteria, and viruses present on your hand.

Easy to Use

 You can disinfect your hands using a hand sanitizer easily. Moreover, you get the best results only when you know how to clean your hands using a hand sanitizer. Check out these steps to keep in mind while using a hand sanitizer:

  • Dispense hand sanitizer on your palms
  • Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds
  • Make sure to cover all the regions (between fingers, nails, fingertips, back of the hand, etc.)
  • Let the product absorb into your hand’s skin properly

Some facts about Hand Sanitizers

A hand sanitizer is an antiseptic solution that is used worldwide. According to several surveys, people who make use of hand sanitizers regularly fall less prone to health issues. Also, the employees working in offices that have a proper sanitization program are less likely to get sick. As hand sanitizers are portable, they can be taken along everywhere. All such factors lead to an increase in the demand for top-quality sanitizers.

The Global Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% by 2023. With an expected turnover of $ 1755mn by then, this industry plays an integral role in the total world’s economy. Also, hand sanitizers are nature-friendly as you don’t need to wash your hands using soap and water again and again.


Lastly, always remember to buy a hand sanitizer from a reliable manufacturer. One must always check the alcohol concentration and the germ-killing ability of the hand sanitizer you are purchasing. If you’re looking for one of the best hand sanitizer brands in India, you can consider Pax Natural’s DM Hand Sanitizer. For more details, click here.

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