Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India – Sanitizer is a liquid gel essential for maintaining your hand hygiene. In today’s world, increasing pollution levels are posing a serious threat to human health. The harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi enter our body through our hands. These germ particles accumulate on our hands and enter our bodies through the food we intake. Thus, everyone needs to care about their hand hygiene. For this reason, you need to make use of a sanitizer. Here we will tell you about the Top Hand Sanitizers Brand

 Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Using a sanitizer is the easiest way to get rid of the accumulated germs and dust particles on hand. Doing so kills all the hazardous infection-causing germs. Hence, making use of a sanitizer lets you stay safe against several health-related problems. However, one should always buy a health hygiene product manufactured by a reputed manufacturer. Reading below you’ll find a list of the leading sanitizer brands India. 

List of the Best Hand Sanitizers in Indian Market

It is always wise to buy a health care product from a reliable manufacturer. This ensures you of the product’s top-quality. Moreover, one must always consider this fact while buying a sanitizer. Hand cleansing is a healthy habit that helps us live happily and protects us from various types of infectious diseases. 

There are two types of sanitizers – alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Both of them have several health advantages. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which type of sanitizer you should buy. Thus, to help you select a perfect sanitizer for yourself, we are here!

Check out the Topmost Hand Sanitizers Brands listed below:

Pax Naturals DM Sanitizer

This is a pure alcohol-based sanitizer that contains 70% of Isopropyl Alcohol. The brand name of Pax Naturals makes this product trustable. Furthermore, it is a portable sanitizer which you can carry along with you wherever you go. The presence of alcohol and other effective germ-killing ingredients makes this product tough for the germs on your hand.

Besides this, have a look at the health benefits of DM Sanitizer:

  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Gentle on your hands 
  • Good for your skin
  • Rapid action
  • Kills 99.99% germs 
  • Portable and easy to carry in pockets
  • Affordable 

Himalaya Pure Hands Sanitizer

It is an alcohol-free sanitizer. This sanitizer by Himalayan Wellness comes in different fragrances. It is made up of natural ingredients and kills 99% of the germs accumulated on your hands. Plus, the presence of active ingredients like lime, neem, and coriander makes this product good for general use. 

Dettol Instant Sanitizer

Dettol is one of the top hygiene product manufacturers in India. This sanitizer kills germs effectively. Also, the product is suitable for people of all age groups. Even the health experts and associations like NIMA recommend people to make use of this product. 


Dr. Morepen Protect Sanitizer

This sanitizer has an amazing lavender fragrance. Plus, it acts on your hand germs quickly. The best part of buying this sanitizer is that it is available in small pouches. Also, the presence of Vitamin E and Tea Tree Extracts has a moisturizing effect on your skin. 

Savlon Sanitizer

Savlon is renowned for manufacturing quality sanitizers, anti-septic creams, liquids, lotion, etc. Their sanitizer is good for your hands and acts instantly on the germs present. Also, it has a soothing fragrance and easy to carry. 


In the end, caring for your hand hygiene is a must for everyone. Sanitizer is a healthy alternative to washing hands with soap. Moreover, by making use of a sanitizer, you can cleanse your hands wherever you go. It is a portable hand wash in which you need not make use of water. Thus, be wise and care for your hands. For your hand hygiene, you can buy a sanitizer by any of The Top Hand Sanitizers Brands in Indian market stated above!

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