Vitamin C Tablets For Kids

Vitamin C Tablets For Kids

Vitamin C Tablets For Kids – Vitamin C has been serving for a long in providing health benefits when battling a cold. And in kid’s well, of course, kids have not much stronger immunity to battle with stronger bacteria alone. That s why we at Pax Naturals would like to inform you about some top vitamin C tablets for kids below. Scroll down.


Indeed, Vitamin C is one of those important vitamins that play a crucial role in our bodies. An important enzyme that helps to fight with germs, bacteria, cold, flu, skin issues, and other general health disorders. That is why today, the need for vitamin C in the form of medication for the kids is highly in demand. Now, take a look at the blog below and find out the best vitamin C tablets for kids.

Pax Naturals Vitamin C tablets

One of India’s fastest-growing health care product, Pax Naturals brings you the best vitamin C tablets for kids. To treat general health issues, it helps to reduce redness and warm feeling for the skin. Also, if you are suffering from heavy headache, these chewable vitamin C tablets help relax it down. In short, these tablets can treat:

  • Deficiency of Vitamin C
  • Problems like Scurvy
  • Delay in wound and bone healing
  • Acidification problems in Urine

Vitamin C Tablets For Kids


Nutrilite Kida Chewable Natural C

The Nutrilite kid’s chewable natural C comes in a tasty natural fruit punch flavor. This one is easy to chew for the kids and will taste like candy to them. Further, each tablet contains 117mg of acerola that provides 30mg of vitamin C essentials. Vitamin C helps to support the normal digestive care of kids. Also, the Nutrilite kids’ chewable Natural C is a naturally flavored product that will be provided with vitamin C to promote the vitamin C requirement in your kids’ growth.

Furthermore, the formula that contains acerola cherry concentrates with delicious flavor. Here, it will be an amazing taste product, so that your child will love it every day. Vitamin C also helps to support iron absorption.

Nature made kids first vitamin C gummies

Here, the Nature Made KIDS FIRST Vitamin C gummies provide an excellent source of vitamin C with 125 mg per serving. To help you support in better immunity care, these vitamin c gummies stands above. Further, the KIDS FIRST Vitamin C Gummies comes in delicious flavors to make you kids in a good mood while medication. Well, not just to help your immunity but these are also a great antioxidant to boost your kid’s general health.

  1. It Helps Support the Immune System
  2. No Synthetic Dyes
  3. All Natural Flavors
  4. No Preservatives
  5. No Yeast


Nutricost Vitamin C with rose hips 1025mg, 240 capsules

Here, this premium vitamin C with rose hips supplements 240 capsules of vitamin C plus the rose hips in each bottle. Just one 1025 mg capsule per day will serve you 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 25mg rose hips. Further, this product is specially made for kids to have a great taste and several benefits. This is made in a GMO compliant, FDA registered facility, here, check out the key highlighted points:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Third-party testes
  • The lid may be blue, white or black
  • FDA registered

Zahler Junior C, Chewable vitamin C 90 tablets

Further, Zahler Junior C is a chewable vitamin D candies for the kids. So that they can have a great taste with orange flavor that will refresh their mood. These chewable tablets bring several benefits. Essentially, the kid’s vitamin C provides all sorts of benefits of the vitamin. It might include antioxidant support to their immune function. Further, they are orange flavor gummies, so the children are suggested to take one gummy per day.

Moreover, Zahler Junior C tablets provide a perfect blend of ingredients. While not compromising on the taste of junior C, these tablets are made in the USA. And are manufactured in the art of GMP certified facility.


The bottom line

Last but not least, the aforementioned study will guide you on the tablets of vitamin C for babies. These chewable tablets will ensure your baby in general health. Plus it will help to fill the vitamin C deficiencies issues so that your baby grows healthier and stronger.

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